Online Courses

Our Process

Step 01


You are able to scroll through all our courses or use the search bar. The length of the course is as indicated and kindly take note of the required number of students required to start a class. Most of our courses requires 3 pax to start a class, however if we are unable to get 3 to start within 2 months, one-to-one coaching can be arranged.

Step 02


Once you have selected the course you are interested in, you can add to cart and complete your enrolment  with a registration fee of SGD $50. In the registration, 2 modes of contact are compulsory, mobile number and email/ address. We want to ensure we are able to reach you to confirm the course details.

Step 03


You will be notified by call & email when the class can be offered, which includes the date, time & venue. We should be able to give you advance notice of 2-4 weeks for you to make arrangements as well as prepare the tools & materials for the course you enrolled for.

Step 04


To accept the confirmation of course, you will be guided to make full payment prior to the commencement of the course.



- Registration fee is only collected one-time per student and is not transferable. You may purchase other courses only for your own to attend or assist registration for others.
- Full payment is required prior to the commencement of the course. Its not refundable. Should you decide to switch courses, you may do so one-time with an advance notice of 1 month as we take effort to prepare your course materials. You would need to pay for both the cost of materials for the current course as well as the set for the newly selected course. Once the class has commenced, the course cannot be changed.
- For Private tuition (one-to-one coaching): In the event of absence, there is only 1 make up lesson per course/ term allowed. Should you choose not to turn up for the arranged make-up lesson, it shall be deemed as cancelled counted as 1 lesson and there would be no further make up lesson.
- For courses conducted in class format: There will be no make-up lesson as the course runs through a syllabus. We will attempt to revise with you what you have missed.
- Course may not be postponed if you have not started the course. You are entitled to switch to private tuition (one-to-one coaching) whereby the fees would be different and requires a top-up in value. Once the class has commenced, there shall not be any postponement allowed.
-  Notice for termination of course/ class to serve is 1 month. Should you decide not to continue, kindly give 1 month notice and acknowledge that there is no refund of course fee and registration paid.